Launching February 2021

It’s been a long time coming, but we are hugely excited to share the news that in a matter of weeks, Mini-Bobo shall be at your fingertips offering organic, sustainable & eco-friendly clothing from the very best brands. 

We have navigated our way through the world of baby fashion in the middle of a Global Pandemic all the whilst managing our first little monster.

Mini-BoBo is certainly a passion project, one that has been in discussion for quite some time and we can’t believe it has all come together in one big wonderful bundle!

We’re live on social so come and join us for the quickest updates, brand introductions and community posts.

So, please take the opportunity to follow us, join our mailing list and support one small business, with a big and loving heart for all things sustainable, durable and unique to the boutiques we can’t wait to introduce!


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Welcome to the Mini-Bobo community!
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